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Centurion Model Fi21

Flagship Waves in the Perfectly Sized Package

Market Revolution

Experience the ultimate ride every time with the Centurion Fi21. This pro-tested boat guarantees a perfect ride with its side-to-side balance that creates symmetrical waves and wakes. With less resistance on its running surface, it delivers superior handling and 50 percent better fuel economy.

Its stunning exterior is now complemented by new interior finishes, including the Cobra Racing Driver’s Seat with slide and 106-degree swivel, and an easy-access trash receptacle. New options like the 6-way Auto Seat and 180-degree Rearview Camera add to the Fi21’s available refinements for 2023. You can also customize your color combos to express your personal style and make a statement on the water. With the Centurion Fi21, the best keeps getting better, ensuring that you have the best wake surfing experience possible.

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5100 lbs
Weight on Trailer
81 gal
Fuel Capacity
12 People
Seating Capacity
409 ft/lb
Std Torque
500 ft/lb
Max Torque


Overall Length

Length w/out Platform
Length w/out Platform, Tongue Swung
Trailer Width
Height No Tower (measured to window)
Height W/Battle Advanced Tower
Height W/DropZone Tower
Height W/Battle Advanced Tower Down
Height W/DropZone Tower Down
height on above five items
Height, 18” Wheel Package (add)

4700 lbs
Total Available
350 lbs
Std Sub-bow Tank
2500 lbs
Std Sub-lounge Tanks
250 lbs
Optional Bow PNP
1300 lbs
Optional Rear PNP

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